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PrEP and PEP Services

(Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Post Exposure Prophylaxis) 


        Although COVID19 and its associated variants are catching all of the headlines (and for good reasons), HIV is still a devastating disease within BIPOC communities when untreated. HIV still has no cure, but there are in fact incredible treatments and transmission mitigations options available that can help put HIV in the rear window.

As a Virtual Urgent Care (Telehealth) platform, WL WELL provides an invaluable option to receive much needed PEP and PrEP prescriptions confidentially, urgently, and without an expensive emergency room visit.



"PEP" stands for: Post-Exposure Prophylaxis. PEP medications are used AFTER (post) engaging in sexual intercourse or any transmittable contact with a person known or reasonably known to have HIV.  

PEP medications are known to prevent or limit HIV transmission when taken *correctly. (28 day set)


"PrEP" stands for: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. PrEP medications are used BEFORE (pre) engaging in sexual intercourse or any transmittable contact with a person known or reasonably known to have HIV.  

PrEP medications are known to prevent HIV transmission in over 90+% of cases when taken *correctly.


HIV disproportionately and OVERWHELMINGLY affects BIPOC communities with Black Women representing the VAST majority of new HIV diagnoses and cases. HIV is not a "Black or White" disease, but how it's treated, like various other diseases in America, is. HIV is also not a "gay" disease, despite the overall majority cases involving male-to-male sexual contact. 6 in 10 new HIV diagnoses involve Black Women; with transmission overwhelmingly through heterosexual **sex.


WL WELL VHS Adult and Elder Care - Urgent Care Providers are ready to assist patients with prescriptions for emergency use "PEP" medications (like those listed below). However, as time is of the essence, it is important to get tested for HIV after potential exposure. To eliminate the stress and potential embarrassment of taking an HIV test, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) though its partners Insignia Federal LLC and OraSure Technologies have created and distribute the "OraQuick" home HIV test. 

The best part is that the Test can be mailed to your home discretely and confidentially FOR FREE!  
CLICK HERE to be redirected to the OraQuick HIV testing order platform.

*Various medications have different dosage regiments. In ALL cases, effectiveness is based upon discontinuing "at risk" behaviors.

** Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

         The HIV stigma is real. Culturally, it's not going away soon. However, it has lessened greatly the last few years. PrEP and PEP medications are pricey, so using the WL WELL app allows users to create an appointment quickly so they can get a valid prescription. Companies like Gilead provide options for uninsured persons to get these medications for FREE and quickly with valid prescriptions!

         Unexpected unprotected sex with a person with HIV is the most common way to contract or transmit HIV. The "Heat of the Moment" gets many of us. Our Providers are waiting for you. Gilead does not market their PrEP/PEP medications as Urgent Care prescriptions, but getting last minute protection to prevent a lifetime with HIV is in fact an Urgent Care matter.

We can help.  Download the WL WELL app today.

Prescription Resources:

GILEAD is the main manufacturer of both PrEP and PEP medications through their BIKTARVY®,TRUVADA®, DESCOVY® ,GENVOYA®, and ODEFSEY® brands. Patients Click HERE for FREE product eligibility and enrollment.  Providers wishing to enroll their patients in Gilead's PrEP/PEP free products programs can Click HERE to complete and send off to Gilead

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