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Diet and Nutrition 

Vegan Food isn't for everyone, but GOOD food definitely is.

For some, the idea of veganism is met with inexperienced skepticism. Many meat eaters believe that going vegan will severely limit their food options. However, those who have adopted a "plant based" diet will disagree.  A cursory expansion of the palette opens many to a new world of healthy eating. 

For beginners, the internet offers many benign options. However, what works for one doesn't always work for all and may not work for YOU. WL WELL VHS has connected with many amazing BIPOC diet advocates and chefs whom you should familiarize yourself with. One especially is "Plant Based" advocate Jeffrey Boadi from London, England who created the Wealth of Health newsletter. We will be highlighting the works of our good friends like Jeff to help you learn all of ways you can make not only better food choices, but the BEST food choices for you and your families.


The Formula for Success in Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet

*WL WELL neither promotes nor objects to the adoption of a Plant Based Diet

Young Girl Eating Salad

Don't be overly militant about it; the point is to succeed. Start with those veggie options that you already enjoy and expand from there.

Its normal to have a slip up from time to time, but remember, the idea is that a Plant Based Diet is for life, so move at the speed that promises the greatest chance for success.

One of our great friends at WL WELL is Chef Walter Terrell aka. "Chef Walter Who"

Based out of Charlotte, NC, Chef Walt is also the founder of 'The Perfect Batch' foods: his signature line of sauces and seasonings.

Although, not necessarily 'married' to any particular dietary lifestyle, Chef Walt can definitely be relied upon to serve up flavorful dishes of any variety for those adhering to any dietary choices.

We challenged him to go "Plant Based" for 90 days, beginning January 1, 2021. So, for these first 90 days, he will cook up only "Plant Based" dishes.

WL WELL VHS always appreciates contributors and those who are in line with our dedication to promote healthier lifestyles. 

That said, WL WELL makes it a point to promote the efforts of BIPOC advocates and allies. Because healthcare disparities do not exist in a vacuum. And the often begin with access to healthy food(s).

Additionally, BIPOC communities are often the originators of these types of dietary lifestyles. Yet, in mainstream marketing, they are overwhelmingly left out of the promotion of their own cultural trends and replaced with White Cis Males and Females to make them more "marketable." The best examples are Yoga (India) and Veganism (Jamaican, African).

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