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2021 Earthquake Relief Assistance


The Citadelle Laferrière - 1820

Haiti is a beautiful country, full of beautiful people - Full Stop.

But centuries of interference by European and American retaliationists have left this proud and freedom-loving nation as one of poorest in the world. Haiti is full of religious missionaries and international charities, all vying for ways to profiteer from Haiti's suffering. What Haiti really needs are tools; and tools that are born from Haitian soil.

WL WELL VHS, using our virtual healthcare platform is working to supplement Haiti's stressed healthcare system by employing Haitian and Creole speaking providers from the U.S. "Diaspora" to provide remote healthcare services to their family, friends, and citizens back home.

Working within Haiti's existing limited infrastructure, WL WELL VHS will be available for download through either of Haiti's mobile phone providers.


         Haiti has vast mountain ranges with many village communities nestled within and atop them. People living within these areas face the exact same cellular limitations that people living in western nations face.  And these rural communities also face the exact same healthcare limitations that similarly situated rural U.S. communities face: too few medical service providers to adequately treat the needing population.


         WL WELL VHS's service will be available all across Haiti - wherever a stable mobile phone signal can be achieved*. This will allow Urgent Care services to be utilized without having to travel long distances for nonemergency rudimentary care that could possibly turn into an unnecessary emergency. When our VHS is launched in Haiti, the closest local medical facility will be the first points of contact for after care treatment.

*Currently only Digicel and Natcom (which uses Digicel) have data programs that allow video appointments via video enabled smartphones. 


         WL WELL VHS, though available across the United States, is headquartered in Broward County Florida - home of the largest Haitian community outside of Haiti. We have many board Certified - Creole speaking Doctors and Nurse Practitioners from the "Diaspora" available to provide remote Urgent Care, Specialist Care, and Mental Health Counseling to those back home.

         Through our "Family Payment" program, family and friends spread out through the Diaspora can pay in advance for the healthcare service needs right here. This set up is perfect for expecting Mothers and those living in remote areas with extreme conditions.

remember, WL WELL VHS is fully push-button translated into Haitian Creole.


The Citadelle Laferrière - 1820


        Many medical NGOs and international funding groups believe that Haitians should be grateful for their charities. But We at WL WELL VHS are grateful to be able to operate in such a warm and hospitable country.         


         It is our intention to not only support the tireless Haitian medical community and improve its long developing healthcare infrastructure, but to spur a broader tech revolution within Haiti, to bring about the rapid modernization Haiti desperately needs.  


         WL WELL VHS is not a charity, we are a Healthcare Tech Company that is investing in our Southeast Caribbean neighbor.

WL WELL VHS's expected Haiti launch date will be July 31, 2021. The "Diaspora" - Family Payment Portal will be found here at WL WELL VHS is currently available for download in Haiti on compatible iOS (iPhone and iPads) and Android smartphone devices. 

Download WL WELL VHS today and subscribe below to be notified by email when WL WELL VHS Haiti launches, or any other related WL WELL VHS - Haiti services.

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